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1870 Census for City of Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Ward !, Roll: M593-100, Page 410. Image 190.
See Father - Milbury S. Mitchell

The 1900 Census for South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.
Roll: T623_654, Page 1A, District 647, Line 24-27.

Mitchell, Walter W., Head, white, male, May 1865, 35 years old, Married, 8years, born in Mass, father born in Maine, mother born in New Hampshire, Occupation is Govern service traveler, Renting his house.

Mitchell, Grace G., wife, white, female, Oct 1869, 31 years old, married 8 years, 2 children born, 2 children living, born in Conn., father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Connecticut.

Mitchell, Francis M., son, white, male, May 1894, 6 years old, single, born in Massachusetts, father born in Mass., mother born in Conn., At School.

Mitchell, Edith M., daughter, white, female, May 1898, 2 years old, single, Born in Massachusetts, father born in Mass, mother born in Conn.

Walter W. Mitchell's Occupation was a Furniture Salesman and Buyer in Boston, Ma 
MITCHELL, Walter W (I27)
1870 Census for City of Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Ward !, Roll: M593-100, Page 410. Image 190.
See Father - Milbury S. Mitchell

The 1900 Census for South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.
Roll: T623_654, Page 1A, District 647, Line 24-27.

Mitchell, Walter W., Head, white, male, May 1865, 35 years old, Married, 8years, born in Mass, father born in Maine, mother born in New Hampshire, Occupation is Govern service traveler, Renting his house.

Mitchell, Grace G., wife, white, female, Oct 1869, 31 years old, married 8 years, 2 children born, 2 children living, born in Conn., father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Connecticut.

Mitchell, Francis M., son, white, male, May 1894, 6 years old, single, born in Massachusetts, father born in Mass., mother born in Conn., At School.

Mitchell, Edith M., daughter, white, female, May 1898, 2 years old, single, Born in Massachusetts, father born in Mass, mother born in Conn.

Walter W. Mitchell's Occupation was a Furniture Salesman and Buyer in Boston, Ma 
MITCHELL, Walter W (I27)
Baptised 1 Nov 1818 at

toxteth park cemetery2

toxteth park cemetery

BILSBARROW, Thomas (I84)
Guthrie, OK., March 10, 1929 - Msr. Mary J. Mitchell, 78, for many years prominent in the Oklahoma Eastern Star Grand Lodge, died at her home in this city Saturday night, having survived by a month, her husband Daniel S. Mitchell, 98, oldest Knight of Pythias and Mason in America from point of memebership. Pioneer Oklahoma settler, and for thirty-eight years tiler of Oklahoma Masonic Grand Lodge and of Oklahoma Consistory, Scottich Rite Masons.

Mrs. Mary Mitchell Dies in Guthrie, OK 
CANNELL, May J (I207)
Paul Mitchell may have been Christopher’s father, but it is never mentioned in any official records that have been found.  One legend has it that Christopher came to America as an orphan whose last name was Beckwith (or Beckworth or Beck or Becks) and was adopted/lived with a Mitchell family so he may have been Paul’s adopted son if not Paul’s natural son. In either case it seems that his brothers were John and William and his sister was Katherine who married Joseph Searle. " Att a Court of Assotiats houlden for the County of Yorke the 21st day of May 1660: at Wells before Major Nicho: shapleigh, Mr Edw: Rishworth & Mr Abra Preble, Assotiats- Christopher Michell acknowledged Judgt before Major Nic: Shapleigh & Edw: Rishworth Assotiates of a debt due to Mr Ric: Cutt of eighteene pounds 6s:1d & charges 9s."

" Att a Court of Assotiates houlden at Sacoe the 27th of March, 1661, for the County of York, by Major Nicho: Shapleigh, Mr Hene. Joclein, Mr Robert Jordan & Edw: Rishworth- Christopher Michell plant: In an Action of the case for Certen moneys payd for him to ye valew of fourteene pounds, Contra Robert Skinner Defendt: the Court finds for ye plant 4:14:2 1/2 & costs of Court 2:4:6."

Christopher had built a house at Brave Boat Harbor in Kittery by 1665 as on 22 Apr. 1665 Francis Morgan and his wife Sarah, widow and administratrix of Capt. John Mitchell, sold to John Cutt of Portsmouth: "one Prcell of Marsh ground, scituate & being neare to Christopher Michells house at Bray boate Harbour... which land was formerly bought of one John Lander." The boundary was a point of dispute between Christopher and his sister-in-law as Philip Atwell, Christopher Mitchell and John Billings were summoned to court: "at the Poynt to answere their tumultuous carages about the laying out & bounding a pcell of Marsh given unto Fran: Morgan by execution." On 10 Sept. 1672 Philip Atwell was fined "16s... for his contempt in Cutting of the lyne... & Christopher Michell and John Billine 5s a peece and with an admonition are discharged."
Christopher had a grant from the town of Kittery of 30 acres in Aug. 1674 adjoining his house at Brave Boat Harbor. He signed the petition to the General Court to allow Isaac Wells to preach. He was on the grand jury in 1678.

"A true and perfect Inventary of all and Singular the goods Cattle and Chattles of Christopher Mitchell late of the Towne of Kitery in the Provynce of Mayne who deceased Aprill ye Last Ano Dm 1688 As followeth vizt:
It one Yoake of Oxen att............……... 07 : 00 : 00 It one Mare 2 ...........................…….... 02 : 00 : 00 It Three Cows and Calves after ym….. 09 : 15 : 00 It Two cows att .................................... 06 : 00 : 00 It Two Heyfers 2 ...................…........... 04 : 05 : 00 It ffive Shoats or Swine 2 ..........…….... 01 : 10 : 00 It one Sow and Three Piggs 2 ...….…... 00 : 15 : 00 It Nine Ewes and Nine Lambs .............. 03 : 12 : 00 It One Ram 2 .................................… .... 00 : 06 : 00 It one Chayne Spitt & one Auger .......... 00 : 18 : 00 It One Sheare & Coultiron 2 ................ 00 : 05 : 00 It one Beetle and Two Wedges a parcell of hows& Old Iron 2 ................................…..... 00 : 05 : 00 It: 1 Muskett 2 .................................….. 01 : 00 : 00 It: One Old Barrell of a Muskett .......... 00 : 02 : 00 It: One ffrying pan one old Pott- One Kettle and one Skillett one pair of tongs 1 Trameland a pair of Pot Hooks ..................…. 00 : 17 : 00 It Milk pans and other houshold stuffe . 02 : 00 : 00 __________________Suma Total 40 : 06 : 0Humphrey SpencerX his MarkeEphraim Crockett X his Mark""Pursuant to a vote of the Town of Kittery... Impowering us the Subscribers a Comittee to estimate the yearly income of the reall Estates of the Severall Freeholders... Accordingly we met... untill Monday ye first of Sept. 1712 and then concluded as followeth, vizt... The Estate of Christr Mitchell Senr Decd L5"

On Jan. 20, 1723/4 Sarah gave to her son William Mitchell of Scarborough, all her estate in Kittery.

Christopher administered the estate of his brother-in-law, John Searle, in 1675. Christopher’s widow, Sarah, was administratrix of his estate. According to one source, John Searle (______ - 1675/6) m. Joanna Andrews, presumably Sarah's sister. It will be noted that Christopher’s first dau. was named Joanna. Another source (Descendants of Edward Small) gives Chris a sister, Katherine, who married John Searle. Also Torrey records marriage of Katherine Mitchell to Thomas Warner who died in 1660, and she remarried John Searle 11/26/1661. Thomas and Katherine had one son, b. in 1658. Thomas was of Cape Porpoise. Maybe both are correct, and that Joanna Andrews died and John remarried, this time to Katherine (Mitchell) Warner. They lived in Boston where 3 children were born: Elizabeth, b. 10/19/1662 and d.6/8/1664; John, b. 11/19/1664; and Ebenezer, b. 3/6/1666. In 1668, John was living in Dover, NH where he drowned in 1675.

The repetition of the names John and William for generations among the descendants of Christopher indicates that the above-suggested relationship may, in fact, be the case.
There are no specific DOB data for children of Christopher. The order shown is speculative. Some sources (Small) and "Old Kittery" show only 6 children, William, Christopher, Richard, Joseph, Robert and Elizabeth. At the time of his death (1688), it is reported, "his six children were then nearly all under age." The children shown herein are those listed in the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire; Noyes et al., 1976, and in the order therein indicated, although there are inconsistencies.
MITCHELL, Mary (I1833)
Philip was born about 1865 in England
He arrived in New York, NY aboard the Wisconsin from Liverpool England on 29 Aug 1870. He was accompanied by Bridget Conners.

In 1880, Philip was living with his parents, David Higgins and Margaret, along with his siblings, in S. Hadley, MA.

21 January 1879 - committed to B.S.C. for stealing $40.00 from Boyden & Stiles in Westfield.

14 July 1880- On trial with R. W. Crocker, Jr. Vineyard Haven.

30 Aug 1883 - Crocker burned out and Philip disappeared on 11 Aug 1883.

Per Death Certificate: Philip was born about 1866 in England; at the time of his death he was a shoemaker; his cause of death was, Chronic Gastritis with Kidney Complications

HIGGINS, Philip (I49)
Taken from the Vintage Photographers Obituaries & Notes - ASC, NEGen Web Project

D. S. Mitchell, manager and operator of the Bee Hive Photographic Studio, was born in Hollis, ME., December 14, 1836. At nine years of age he was employed as errand boy in a daguerreotype gallery, and four years later he ran a gallery alone at Portland, ME. He was then employed in a gallery in Boston, MA, andin various other places until 1856. He then learned the profession of photographing with J.T. Barnes, of New York; was in his employ for two years; ws then for twenty years engaged at his profession at various places. He came to Nebraska in 1877, and located in Omaha; he was employed in making views and in general commercial photography for six months. In September, 1878, the Bee Hive Studio was started in a small portable gallery. In Auguts, 1879, the present building was erected, and seven artists are now employed in the business. Mr Mitchell has had charge of the business since it commenced.

Taken from the Nebraska State Historical Society

Among the papers of Capt. John G. Bourke in the archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society is a collection of Indian portraits taken by D. S. Mitchell. These striking photographs, many printed as stereoscopic cards, depict prominent Oglala and Arapahoe leaders from the Red Cloud agency in northwestern Nebraska just after the close of the Sioux War of 1876-77. The famous Oglala chief Red Cloud is included, as are the lesser known Little Wound, Young Man Afraid of his Horses, and American Horse. "Capturing the Lakota Spirit, Photographers at the Red Cloud & Spotted Tail Agenceis," by Ephriam D. Dickson III, in the Spring/Summer issue of Nebraska History Magazine, includes information on eight such photographers, including Mitchell, as well as reporductins of their famous photographs.

Born in 1838 in York County, Maine, Daniel Sedgley Mitchell began his photographic career as an errand boy in a daguerreotype gallery at the age of nine. During his early years he worked in a number of photographic galleries before going West about 1874. By January 1876 he had established a studio in Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming Territory and an important jumping-off point for the Black Hills. He soon moved to the Hills, arriving in Deadwood in June whre he was reported to be taking excellent views of the scenery. He returned to Cheyenne in October but left again in the spring of 1877 with another photographer, Joseph H. McGowan. The two moved from town to town along the Union Pacif Railroad, setting up a temporary tent studio to produce portraits of townspeople and area views. He probably traveled to the Red Cloud Agency some time in September of October 1877.

In the spring of 1878 Mitchell and McGowan located permanently in Omaha, where they published three sets of views: Mitchell's Indian portraits, taken at the Red Cloud Agency, his ealier Black Hills views; and a third series by photographer-soldier Charles Howard. The partnership of Mitchell, McGowan and Co (possibly with Howard as a partner) dissolved in the fall of 1878, when Joseph McGowan moved to North Platte and Howard was transferred to Fort Sanders, Wyoming. Mitchell then opened the Bee Hive Studio in Omaha, in partnership with May J. Connell, whom he later married. He next opened a studio in Norfolk, then one in Galesburg, Illinois and finally in 1889, moved to Guthre, Oklahoma Territory, where he produced an improtant photographic series of the land rush. Mitchell died in Guthre in 1929.

While Mitchell's negatives have not survived, a number of his original prints are known. The largest single collection of his Indian portraits was preserved by Capt. John G. Bourke, longtime aid to Gen. George Crook. They are now distributed among the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

D S Mitchell

D. S. Mitchell

D. S. Mitchell

Mrs. Mary Mitchell Dies in Guthrie, OK 
MITCHELL, Daniel Sedgley (I201)
The 1900 Census for South Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.
Roll: T654, Page 1A, District 647, Line 24-27.
See Father - Walter W. Mitchell

1920 Census for Holyoke Ward 1, Hampden Co., Massachusetts.
Roll # T625_700, Supr district 2, Enum. district 34, Sheet #12 B. Part of 299T. Line # 79-81. Image 202.

Mitchell, Francis M. Head, Home is rented, male, white, 25 years old, married, able to read and write, born in Mass., father born in Mass., mother born in Mass., Occupation is a Chauffeur for Auto Truck

Mitchell, Frances M (Mary M. Parker), wife, female, white, 21 years old, married, able to read and write, born in Mass, father born in Mass., mother born in Mass., Occupation is a Valver in a Rubber or Roller Factory.

Mitchell, Jubie F.(June F.) , daughter, female, white, 2 3/12 years old, Born in Mass, father born in Mass, mother born in Mass.

1930 Census for Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts
Roll 910, Enumeration District: 69, Image 797.0, Supervisor's District #3, Page # 27B. Line 84-86. Date: 12 April 1930
Living on Maynard Street.

Mitchell, Francis M. Head, renting, monthly rental is $25, male, white, 35 years old, married, age at marriage was 33 years, able to read and write, Born in Mass., father born in Mass., mother born in Conn., Occupation is a Metal Worker at an Automobile. Whether a Veteran of U.S. Military, his answer is "Yes" "WW"

Mitchell, Margaret, wife, female, white, age 25 years, married, age at marriage is 23 years, able to read and write, Born in Mass., father born in Conn., mother born in Mass., No occupation.

Mitchell, Margaret, daughter, female, white, age 4/12, single, Born in Mass., father born in Mass., mother born in Mass.

Francis M. Mitchell
5222 4 st N lt 126
St Petersburg, Fl.

Dated Aug 2, 1970

Dear Bill,

Your letter recieved and noted. The Spfld College psycology teachings in it as the ole pschyco effects are such that I enjoyed it very much & pschifalogelogy speaking I feel just as tho I should answer it, tho I feel it will probably be so phrased that it will drive fou nuts trying to put it to an understandable episode. Not lot I have anything against you, cause I haven't, I will try to answer some of the questions you ask & at end of letter you will, no doubt, need more than pschycology to recuperate from it. Good Luck.
You ask of my people & also Coventry, Conn, well that is where my grandparents died they orginally came from up around Stafford & Stafford Springs. That is how my grandfather got into the 16th Conn. for Civil War. One of Col. Cheney's men, the one that gave his remaining men, after war, that flag I sent Marge, count the stars. Col Cheney was the boss man of the Cheney Silk Mills of Manchester, Conn. My grandmother was a Hall, sister to the owner of the Hall Mills, clothers of some kind, of So. Willington, Conn. My mother had a sister Edythe, who married Walter Washburn of So. Coventry, of the Washburn Silk Mills in South Coventry. (now out).

My sister & I were in S. C. after the death of my father for only a few years, 3-4 or so, my mother was in Springfield, Mass & from there I went to Boston, to stay & live with my Uncle George. George Francis Mitchell, my fathers Uncle, my great second Uncle, I stayed with them until old enough to go to work, graduating from the Elementary Schools first, Then came to Springfield where my mother, Grace G. Mitchell, & my sister, now Edythe M. Havens, were together again. Me getting my first job in a gracery store at $4.00 a week working 7 to 7 every day. Good job, Huh? Then after the border I got married for 4 1/2 years & as I was after 4 1/2 years only one of many men in my wifes life, I divorced her & then went about the business of working many jobs trying to find out just what it was I wanted to do. From a few jobs on the cattle boats to state asylums to firing boilers & finall ended up with engineers license & ended my working days by spending them for 20 years in jail as jan know. Married again while on the road selling flour to marges mom & as you well know, that did not pan out. So ended that. The actions of her & my best friend Howland sure ended that. Certain few know all that.

Now as to my side of the family. I was born in Boston, as was my father & his father. My father Walter W. Mitchell, a furniture man, buyer, his father, my grandfather, Milbury S. Mitchell born around Boston, Not sure where, Owned a furniture store in Charlestown, His gbrother I mentioned, George Francis Mitchell, my Great Uncle & another brother to Geo F. Mitchell, (Dan Mitchell) a wonderer for a time like myself. Concerned in the (or participated in the Oklahoma & Dakota land rushes - years back) & finally ended up as a photographer & participant in founding Mitchell, South Dakota. The female side of the Mitchells, the Milburys, split up and the Mitchells at Plymouth, couldn't get along, so moved further on in Mass & started a town of their own & is now Millbury, Mass. just below Worcester, Mass. All on that side, my side, mostly originated in Scotland, as did my others people, the Harris's, grandfather Harris had a bit of money left him in Scotland, but because of not being located him here in U.S. A., it went into the Kings Charchanderlly.

My father had a brother, Frederick & he died here in St. Pete, 1963, 82 years old.m My mother died 1963, 94 years old. I am over 76, so baye I'll live a week or two more , I hope.

A daughter from first marriage is in California married to a retired submarine Chief, her name is June, she had 4 children from first marriage & they now all have children making me a great-grandfather over & over again, about 12 -13 times.

If you want to know more or have anu questions to ask, Pack up your ole dufbag & come on down & I'll ans questions for you but guess this letter will "fix" you for a while.

Well, Bill, it's been hotter than hell down here since April & got back 6 more weeks to go & the ole air conditioner is sure doing it's bit, you bet.

Where does every body live & where you gain to live & where will bou be working & at what, my turn to ask questions, eh. Begun to write & watch F.B.I. & its no cinch.

So hope you will soon recuperate from this letter & if possible save me for taking up so much of your time.BUT YOU ASKED FOR IT!

P. C. Glad & gear & congratulation on expected new arrival but what is this world will a chold now experience in a few years. Quite a turmoil going on, eh?
Note: Grandfathers name was Milbury, Uncles middle name, Francis, mine Francis Milbury, get the connections: Family monikers.

MITCHELL, FRANCIS M., 82, of 5222 Fourth St N, died Saturday (Feb. 26, 1977). Born in Boston, MA, he came here 14 years ago from Springfield, MA, where he was an engineer for the prison system. He was a member of American Legion Post 14, Riviera Methodist Church and Mexican Border Patrol No 63, St. Petersburg, FL. Survivors include his wife Gladys; three daughters, June Logerwell, Humansville, MO, Marguerite Claire Wigham and Patricia Cleveland of Westfield, MA; a son, Robert Francis, Salem, OH; a sister, Edythe Havens, Springfield, MA; 15 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Simmons Funeral Home
MITCHELL, Francis Milbury (I19)
Paul marriod Richord Earle b.Abt 1613 (might have died in childbirth??)

Given Name: Paul (The English Immigrant Sailor & Fisherman)
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1612 in of Sheviock,Cornwall,England
Death: 18 Sep 1654 in Boston being drowned along with Jonathan Hollicu, Roger Hunnewell, & Jonathan Rowland
Immigration: 1638 Richmond's Island

Paul, sailor and fisherman, from Sheviock, co. Cornwall, where one Paul m, Richord Earle 29 Oct. 1634, came first to Richmond's Island in 1638(fished with Winter's company, 1639-40) and was there in July 1641; his w. ment. in account, 1639. He came again in 1643-4 on a fishing voyage in the Hercules, Capt. Wm. Hingston, under a two yr. contract, and later was at Saco. Lost in a fishing disaster 1654. If any w. came over, she is unrecorded.

Paul was one of John Winter's men at Richmond Island in 1639 as his wife was paid 5/. They had run up quite a debt at the "company store' as he owed L6/6 "for Commodities in ye house", L14/6 "for wine", L9/8/6 "for so much pd him by Mr. Trelawne with adventure", 11d "for sider & oyle", 9/9 "for aquavite at his first Coming over" (1) Paul was one of the men who agreed to stay after their three year term of service had expired. On 6 Apr. 1643: "Paul Michell of Sheviock in the Countie of Cornewall, Sayler" was again indentured to Trelawny and Winter. (2) Paul settled in Saco, opposite Richmond Island, after leaving Trelawny's service.

Paul died in Boston evidently being drowned along with Jonathan Hollicu, Roger Hunnewell, and Jonathan Rowland as the administration was granted 5 Apr. 1654: "yt Robert Booth, Rich: Hitchcocke, Hen: Waddocke & Will: Scadlocke, are impowered as administrators to take ye goods of Jon Hollicu, Roger Hunnewell, Paul Michaell & Jon Rowland into yr hands & to receave all debts due unto Jon Sparke & Christopher Hobbs, wt they can make appere as justly due unto them, for there disburts upon yr fishing vioage & wt shall remaine in yor hands, you are to returne an account: yrof unto ye next County Court.:(3)

None of the information available on Paul connects him with any of the people listed. Perhaps further research will prove this link. There is a tradition in the Freeport family that Christopher came to this country with the name of Bechwith and that he was adopted by the Mitchell family and therefore took their name.(4)

(1) The Trelawny Papers-Coll. of MHS, 2nd series, Vol.3,pp.182,186,282
(2) Ibid-pp.342-3
(3) Commissioner's Records of Boston-Vol.9,p.42; Early Records of Maine-Vol.1,p.264
(4) The Descendants of Edward Small of New England-Vol.III,p.1390
MITCHELL, Paul (I1839)
10 10 Mathew Street

Mary McLoughlin1845 
MCLOUGHLIN, Mary (I1704)
11 1850 Census for the Town of Waterboro, York, Maine, Roll: M432-276, Page 216.

Mitchell, Joshua age 40 Occ. House Carpenter Born in Maine
Catherine age 37 Born in Maine
Daniel S. age 11 Born in Maine
John E. age 8 Born in Maine
Milbury S. age 6 Born in Maine
George F. age 3 Born in Maine
MITCHELL, Joshua (I177)
12 1850 Census for Town of Troy, Waldo County, Maine. Roll M432-270. Page 221.

Mitchell, Milbury age 59 Farmer Born in Maine
Eliza age 54 Born in Maine

Burial: Dixmont Cemetery, Etna, Maine

Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 18, 1858

Jewell Cemetery
Penobscot County
Maine, USA

Created by: DWalt & Patti
Record added: Jul 26, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 39893380
MITCHELL, Milbury (I198)
13 1864 - Vol 173, Page 27 - Marriage Source (S100)
14 1907 - resided at 50 Reace St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA - Occupation was a machinist
1918 - resided at 86 Canal Street in Holyoke, Hampden, MA 
PARKER, George J (I3076)
15 5 July 1870 - worked in Cotton Factory in New Haertford, Oneida, New York, USA
1889 - resided at 113 High in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1890 - reseded at 69 Walnut st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1891 - at 35 Fountain st in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1896 - resided at 145 Main st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1897 - resided at 89 Race st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1898 - resided at 103 Main st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1899 - resided with Christian Parker at 153 Main St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1900 - resided with son Christian Parker at 66 Race st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1905 & 1906 - resided at 89 Race st in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1907 - resided at 50 Race st. in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
6 May 1910 - resided at 348 Dwight St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
12 Sep 1918 - resided at 56 Canal St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
12 Jan 1920 - resided at 86 North Canal St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1921 - resided at 16 Plymouth Place with son George in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1925 to 1926 - resided at 113 Sargeant with son George in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1927 to 1928 - resided at 113 Sargeant with son George and Theodore J in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
8 Mar 1929 - resided at 113 Sargeant at the time of her death.

Funeral Home: Hobart Funderal Parlors, Mar. 1929 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
10 Mar 1929 -buried at Notre Dame Cemetery in South Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts
MILLER, Margaret (I34)
16 ?Bob? Logerwell

Robert L. ?Bob? Logerwell, 73, of Richland, died March 24, 2001, at St. Elizabeth Health Services.

At his request, disposition was by cremation.

Mr. Logerwell was born Feb. 1, 1928, at Parkerville, Kan., to Oliver Wendell and Edna Agnes (Meusch) Logerwell. He was the sixth of 13 children. He received his education in Sabetha, Kan.

Mr. Logerwell enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving in Korea. He married Delores Isaacson in September 1955. He worked as a potman for Reynolds Metal Aluminum Co. for 30 years, living in Sandy for 32 years.

The couple moved from Sandy to Pine Creek near Halfway in 1988, and in December 1990 they moved to Richland, where they have lived since.

Mr. Logerwell loved to fish, and enjoyed hunting and doing carpenter work around home.

He is survived by his wife, Delores Logerwell of Richland; sons and daughters-in-law, Russell and Cinda Logerwell of Corvallis, and Richard and Laurine Logerwell of Spokane; a son, Ronald Logerwell of Portland; five grandchildren; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins; brothers, Normal Logerwell of Crescent City, Calif., and Larry Logerwell of Missouri; sisters, Olive Thompson of Gresham, Dorothy Alms of Custer, Wash., Beverly Alley of Cornelius, Shirley Easter of Kent, Wash., and Mary Lennox of Redondo Beach, Calif.

He was preceded in death by his parents; his brothers, Lloyd, George, Oliver Wendell (Bud); and his sisters, Helen Minnis and Carolyn Calhoun.

Contributions in Mr. Logerwell?s memory may be made to the Eagle Valley Ambulance, in care of Coles-Strommer Funeral Home, 1950 Place St., Baker City, OR 97814. 
LOGERWELL, Robert Lee (I259)
17 Ada Cookson

Aunt Ada 
COOKSON, Ada (I1707)
18 Albert Sims AF 
SIMS, Albert (I6)
19 alice carpenter 
RICHARDS, Alice (I2726)
20 Alice Mooney Bilsbarrow 
MOONEY, Alice (I129)
21 Andrews Crest 
ANDREWS, Ralph (I2391)
22 anna_sargent_duncan 
SARGEANT, Anna (I1299)
23 Annie Cookson (Leather) 1905

Annie Cookson 1905 
COOKSON, Annie (I1705)
24 Annie Cookson nee Ennis 
ENNIS, Annie (I327)
25 As noted in William D. Rosenboom's obituary. Source (S31)
26 Augustus resided at 1870 Census Holyoke Hampden MA, living listed as Nelson with mother Felicite & Siblings on 21 June 1870 in Holyoke.

He resided at 155 Dwight in Holyoke, Mass in 1879. Employed at Parson Paper Co.

He resided in Chicopee, MA in the 1880 Census for Chicopee, MA, ED 286 on 14 June 1880.

He resided at 144 Dwight St. from 1882 to 1886 in Holyoke, MA - aka Nelson Parker, employed at Beebe & Holbrook Co.

He reseded at South Hadley, Massachusetts on 2 Jan 1882

He resided in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA in 1887, employed at Hadley Co. -- house off Hartford.

He resided at State Infirmary on 5 Apr 1930 in Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

He was buried at the State Institution Cemetery #2, Grave #1161 in Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Marriage: Naricisse Poquette & Margaret Miller married in Precious Blood Church (RC) by Rev A B Dufresne, 22 Sep 1874, Holyoke, Hampden, MA, USA 
PARKER, Augustus (I35)
27 Ayer Home3

Ayer Home 
BILSBARROW, Judith Mae (I11)
28 Benjamin Richardson 
RICHARDSON, Benjamin (I1939)
29 Bill Bilsbarrow

Bill Alice Arthur

Bill Bilsbarrow



margaret bill dolly tom 
BILSBARROW, William (I66)
30 Bill Rosenboom

marian and bill rosenboom

William D. (Bill) Rosenboom 
ROSENBOOM, William D (I228)
31 Bilsbarrow, Shelley

John Jr and Shelly Bilsbarrow

Jack Shelly John 
BILSBARROW, Shelley Maxine (I191)
32 Bio Samuel Adams, son of Thomas & Hannah (Parker) Adams 
ADAMS, Samuel (I2864)
33 Biography of Edwin Harrison Hall 
HALL, Edwin Harrison (I2973)
34 Birth: unknown
Death: 1929

Note: Ref: Cemetery Records (they appear to use burial year as death year)

Summit View Cemetery
Logan County
Oklahoma, USA
Plot: Section 1, Block 38, Lot 75, Space SE

Created by: Graves
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MITCHELL, Daniel Sedgley (I201)
35 Buried in Mitchell/Sedgley Cemetery
Location: Chardbourne Ridge Rd. Ext. 1 mile east of Bradeen Rd./Chadbourne Ridge Rd Junction 
Source (S84)
36 Cause of death:
Coronary Thrombosis due to Arterio Sclerosis of the cornonary arteries
Other conditions: Pulmonary embolism

1900 - resided at 30 Ely in Holyoke, Hampden, MA - worked at Deane Pump Co.
1901 - resided at 69 North Bridge in Holyoke, Hampden, MA - worked at D S Pump Co.
1905 - resided at Day Place in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA - worked at D S Pump Co.
14 May 1910 - resided at 47 Summer St in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
1917 - resided at 5 Park in Holyoke, Hampden, MA - worked at D S Pump Co.
12 Sep 1918 - resided in Granby; works at Dean Steam Pump in Holyoke, Hampden, MA
6 Jan 1920 - resided at Amhurst st next to Emery Isabelle in Granby, Hampshire, MA
30 Apr 1930 - resided at 183 East Street in South Hadley, Hamsphire, MA
1933 - resided off East N Granby Line with Mary A. in South Hadley, Hamsphire, MA
1938 - resided off East N Granby Line with Mary A. in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA
1940 - resided East Street, South Hadley, Hampshire MA
1942 - resided East N Granby Line with Mary A in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA; was a machinist at WP&M Corp
1943 - resided East N Granby Line with Mary A in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA; was a machinist with WP&M Corp.

Buried 7 Jan 1943 at the St Rose Cemetery in South Hadley, Hampshire, MA 
PARKER, Frank Daniel (I31)
37 Cemetery Where Patrick Robinson is Buried 
ROBINSON, Patrick (I2638)
38 Citation Information

Transcription of text
Mr. Joshua Mitchel and Miss Katharine Sedgley was joined in marriage April 16th 1837 by Elder James Gray and Recorded by John Hill Town Clerk

Volume 336, Page 336

16 April 1837

Other information
Married by Elder James Gray

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Source Title (view source details)
Early Vital Records of Waterborough, Maine 
MITCHELL, Joshua (I177)
39 cora wilkinson 
WILKINSON, Cora Elaine (I216)
40 Corwin Parker 
PARKER, Corwin J (I427)
41 Dolly Bella Tom

Daisy Bella (2)

Isabella and Tom 
BILSBARROW, Isabella (I69)
42 Dr Samuel Whiting & Abigail Ferris

Revolutionary War soldier 
WHITING JR, Samuel MD Jr (I2718)
43 Eleazer Ayer 1776 grave 
AYER, Eleazer (I1620)
44 Francis M Mitchell & Gladys L Grieves 
GRIEVES, Gladys L. (I25)
45 Frederick A Ayer 
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46 Frederick A Ayer 
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47 Frederick A Ayer 
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48 Fredric Ayer Headstone 
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49 From

Joseph Hazen and Elizabeth Durkee Family 
HAZEN, Joseph (I2947)
50 grace and jim

Grace and Edward


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