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Looking for Proof for the deaths of Whiting Backus and Sarah Bingham

I'm looking for the death dates and locations for Whiting Backus 28 December 1747-1775 and Sarah Bingham 1 July 1751-10 April 1850. Anyone out there have proof of these dates?
Where was Marinette T. Ayer Born?

I've been trying to locate the birth place of Marinette T. Ayer, with no success. Her death certificate states that she was born in S. Coventry, CT. and her marriage certificate indicates that she was born in Columbia, CT., however no record of her birth has been found in either place.
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Where and when did Walter W. Mitchell die?

Walter W. Mitchell, born 18 May 1865 to Milbury S Mitchell and Grace G. Harris in Chelsea, MA. Have been told that he died in 1906 in Virginia, but I cannot locate any information regarding that fact. Any information regarding his death would be greatly appreciated.
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